What will Mairi Mickel’s Business Families bring to your table?


My aim is to provide specialist support to guide resolutions that will sustain the emotional fabric of your business family and add value to your family business. My approach is systemic rather than linear – flexible and tailored to suit the specific needs of your family and your business – so I work in response to your current situation and ownership dynamic. Our aim is to create a strategic, aligned transition and succession management blueprint together.

Future proofing

My specialisms are all focused on future proofing. But what does that really mean? Future proofing is about continuity or exit planning and this sits at the heart of my approach. I provide the very specific support, advice and guidance that business families and their trusted professional advisors need during key transition stages in the family business lifecycle and across multiple generations.

“I find Mairi to be both strategic and practical. She is a very useful soundboard and brings an insightful perspective with a sense of humour. Genuinely interested in people and what engages them, Mairi is a good listener and able to see the wood for the trees.”

Julie McLauchlan | Founder, Perceptive Communicators

Specialist support

Consultancy & advice – defining ownership intentions and success measures (find out more)

Next generation education – equipping emerging leaders and future owners with skills for success (find out more)

Executive coaching – supporting individuals to grow and flourish (find out more)

Family meeting facilitation – aligning families’ social, personal and business values (find out more)

Collaborating with other professional advisors – balancing skill with sensitivity (find out more)

Additional specialisms – board evaluation, strategic planning and philanthropy (find out more)

Publishing and public speaking

In addition to the specialist support I bring to business families and family businesses, I also speak, publish and teach within the UK business sector, including IOD Scotland, on family business related topics. These include family business governance structures, family business leadership and next generation development, family business culture, entrepreneurialism, family philanthropy and educating future owners.