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Scotsman Article: ‘A family business can shoulder a lot of responsibility’ by Mairi Mickel

Family businesses inhabit every street of our towns and cities and are prevalent in rural communities, especially in the Highlands & Islands. Their contribution, financially, socially and spiritually, and the stability those businesses create cannot be underestimated. In today’s turbulent times, they are a hidden lever as a force for good in so many ways.

As a family business succession expert, Mairi works with owners who have ambitions to act as a positive resource for their many communities. Read more about Mairi’s insight on Family Business in Communities in Today’s Scotsman linked below.


Media Credit: The Scotsman

FBU podcast ‘Unleashing the power of the Next Generation’

Mairi Mickel attended an FBU interactive panel discussion on all things relating to the next generation in family firms. Topics covered by the panel included how to prepare the next generation for entry into the family business, onboarding and creating a presence to developing into future leaders. The panel also looked at some of the key challenges faced by the next generation as they further their careers in the family business and offer up some ways that these can be addressed.


Webcast credit: Family Business United (FBU) – Nov 2021

The ‘Authority Moment’

Mairi Mickel & Ken McCracken – The ‘Authority moment’ – what can happen to family ownership and leadership in a family business during a crisis.


Webcast credit: Global Family Business Learning Symposium – Nov 2020

Succession Planning

Challenges to consider in either a dynastic or non-family succession in a family business.


Webcast credit: Intelligent Partnership 2020 / 1212 Intergen – F. Haworth

Warm Hearts and Deep Pockets

Podcast with Mairi Mickel and Russ Haworth at Family Business Partnership during Scottish Family Business Week for the Institute for Family Business. This discussion centres around the importance of alignment, vision and values in maintaining strategic stability in your family business.


Webcast credit: Family Business Partnership and the Institute for Family Business

Future Proofing your Business

Why is Future Proofing your Family Business important? Listen to learn more and put in place the steps to ensure your business family make the right kind of plans about their future for the right reason.


Podcast credit: The Family Business Podcast

Why it matters to be a family business and 3 initial steps to prepare succession

In this episode I talk to True Wealth Project Founder, Sascha Janzen, about my transition to being a family business advisor. I also talk about my own 4th generation family business shareholder background. Listen in to find my unique take on how to get succession planning going and how philanthropy can set the scene without breaking the bank.


Podcast credit: The True Wealth Project

Scotsman Article : Family business challenges in the ‘new normal’ by Mairi Mickel

Family businesses typically operate with longer-term horizons in mind, allowing them to incorporate stewardship thinking in their strategic decision-making.


Media credit: The Scotsman